Monday, April 26, 2010

Strong-Arm Tactics in the Wyser Camp?

Two separate oppponents of Republican Hamilton County prosecutor candidate (and Carl Brizzi chief trial deputy) David Wyser allege that Wyser doesn't play nice.

Lee Buckingham, a current Hamilton County deputy prosecutor who is running against Wyser, alleged that Wyser told him if he ran and lost, he'd lose his job. When asked about his comments, Wyser used the "personnel matter" cover to refuse comment.

Steve Stoez, a Hamilton County who dropped out of the race, said Brizzi spokesman Mario Massillamany called him and told him that if he stayed in, he'd have a hard time getting plea deals from Wyser. Unfortunately for Mario (who resigned from Brizzi's office after being arrested for a DUI), Stoesz taped him. Now Mario claims he wasn't instructed by Wyser and that his remark was meant as a joke.

I'm sure the tape will tell the tale (anybody heard it yet?), but even without the tape, we can all agree that Brizzi's associates have a strange sense of humor.



Anonymous said...

Carl did the same thing during the 2006 election. There were numerous people who wanted to support Melina but were threatened, in various ways, that they should keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

From what I read from IBJ, intimidating any potential rivals is the only Wyser can win an election.

He mismanaged the forfeiture of $278,000 in seized OmniSource funds. Clearly, he can't win an election on being able to run a prosecutor's office.

David Wyser is to be congratulated. He is the only person who makes Sonia Leerkamp look like a management genius.

My question is, to what extent his cronies, Eric Blankenship, Brad Banks and Mario Massillamany, were involved the fiasco causing IMPD to return over a quarter of a million dollars to a racketeering organization?

JHagedorn said...

It's absolutely shocking that someone closely tied to Carl Brizzi like Mr. Massa could turn out to be an unethical scumbag.


Unknown said...

There are now 273,000 reasons to vote for Lee Buckingham as Hamilton County Prosecutor!!!!!!