Friday, April 16, 2010

Pete's Sweet State Barrage

If I were Richard Mourdock, I'd be nervous.

This guy, Pete Buttigieg, the Democratic Party's candidate for State Treasurer, is running one of the best executed down-ballot races I think I've ever seen, he's showing great message discipline, and his every PR move is a masterstroke.

(Also, somebody with his campaign or the Indiana Democratic Party knows how to run the video editing bay because this "compilation clip" is outstanding (if a bit grainy at times, but that's on the networks).

Do I think Pete will win? We're Indiana and down-ballot, statewide races are always a struggle for Democrats. But it's not because Hoosiers won't vote for a Democrat for Treasurer; it's that down-ticket races have to be elevated to rise above the fray of all the other campaigns and, traditionally, Democrats haven't been able to raise enough cash to get get there.

If Pete can parlay his free media into some fundraising success and harness young Indiana voters, things might get interesting, indeed.



Anonymous said...

Go Pete!

Jerame said...

Have you met Pete? He's fucking outstanding in person too! I really like this guy - I think he has a good shot at winning this race, but regardless, I am sure he has a bright future in politics if he wants it.

Sharp, friendly, engaging and LGBT friendly. If you haven't met him, take the next opportunity you get to do so.