Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Congressman Dan Burton Steps In It With Faux "Sidewalk Conservative" Ad

Dan Burton is running an ad he calls "Sidewalk Conservative."

In the ad, one of the individuals says that Burton is "one of us." Turns out by "one of us," he means an Ohioan.

Burton used actors from a Columbus, Ohio ad agency.

One of Burton's chief rivals for the Republicans nomination, Luke Messer (go Wabash!), undoubtedly understanding that all political ads have some stagecraft, busted the Congressman's chops from the right angle:

After 28 years in Congress, you'd think you could find someone in the district who would say some nice things about you.


When asked about the ad, Burton responded like he was Lincoln Plowman on tape. His response was nearly incomprehensible, which is why I'm providing it in its entirety from the story because you just have to read it:

They told me if you have some people who want to talk about specific issues that you stand for, it probably would be a good thing. I didn't solicit any of these people. I don't even know who they are. One guy says, 'Dan Burton does this' and another woman says something else. You'd have to ask the people who did the commercial on that. They came over and talked to people, different places.

The Star story ads that when told the actors were not even Hoosier voters, Burton responded:

They may be. I don't know. You ask me questions about that, I don't know. I really don't know. The only thing I did say, 'I'm Dan Burton, and I approve this message.' The message I think is probably pretty accurate, but you'd have to ask them who did the commercial.

In what universe is this ad accurate? It represents that Burton has people in his district who relate to and appreciate him. So I guess this ad is "pretty accurate" except the part where it doesn't have anybody from the district who relates to or appreciates Burton.

Next time Burton should put "A dramatization of support for Dan Burton" on the ad.


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