Wednesday, December 23, 2009

T'is the Season....

...for leadership changes.

A belated congratulations to Nancy Guyott, who is the first woman (and the youngest person of either gender) to be elected president of the Indiana AFL-CIO. She got elected on December 15, 2009, and already she has some in the conservatorati up in arms...for praying.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Nancy is actually being criticized because she led a prayer vigil for the Employee Free Choice Act, which the website "Indiana's Conservative Hardball" calls "the most evil piece of legislation to come down the pike in years...."

I'm not easily offended, but as a Christian, I do not think I'm out of line asking that somebody who puts a Bible quote on the top of his website refrain from mocking prayer. First, you look arrogant thinking you know what God cares about when people are joined in his name, and second, you make other Christians look like idiots by association.

What would Jesus do? According to ICH, apparently forget about the working poor and healing the sick and instead lobby for, what? A capital gains tax cut? When will we get the point in our country where we let prayers from all faiths and sects and purposes unite, not divide us?

This past week, the Marion County chapter of the Indiana Democratic African-American Caucus (IDAAC) held its annual election. Marshawn Wolley was re-elected president and State Senator Jean Breaux was elected vice-president, both by razor-sharp margins. Chief Deputy Marion County Coronoer Alfie Ballew was elected treasurer, and Janeane Minor was elected secretary.

Also this past week, the Marion County Bar Association held its annual elections. Its new officers are as follows:

President: Dana Phillips
President-Elect: Randle Pollard
Vice President: Zachary Myers
Treasurer: Noell Taylor-Allen
Recording Secretary: LaKesha Triggs
Corresponding Secretary: Felicia Howells
Board of Directors: The Honorable Judge Ricardo Rivera; Nate Lee; Juval Scott; Robyn Rucker; Ryan Gardner

Congratulations to all the new leaders. May your 2010 be blessed with wisdom.


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