Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bowes On Tax Presents

It's gotta feel good to get to tell the pundits, "How do you like me now?"

A day after I went on Abdul in the Morning and stated that Marion County Assessor Greg Bowes was in a tough position in his bid to become prosecutor because he works in an office that routinely gives bad news (passes out property tax bills), he announced that tax bills will be on time for the first time in four years, and an astounding 82% of rate payers will be seeing decreases in their property taxes. Nine percent will see decrease of 10% or more, Bowes states.

That's an awful lot of good cheer he gets to spread for 2010.

Of course, it comes with a cost to government services. Wish-TV reports the likelihood of further cuts in the arts and parks budgets because of lost property tax revenue. I understand that when money gets tight, "recreation" seems a lesser priority than core services, such as public safety. But when the outgoing Republican council prez, Bob Cockrum, tells you the public safety, police, and fire budgets can have some fat trimmed out of them, I listen.

I hope the council will go get that money first before making more cuts in arts and parks; otherwise, everything that makes Indianapolis a good place to live will suffer.


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Mann Law, P.C. said...

Many of the cuts in taxes for homes have resulted in punishing small businesses. Unlike the Hospital complexes that pay no tax, The Eli Lilly's, etc who get tax abatements, we see our property taxes more than double. Where is our relief? Why are our properties assessed at more than twice their value and when we appeal the wait for years to decide and even when they do no refunds. They do not notify of the decision and if you find out after harassing them you then learn that you must request the refund. Maybe they think you are overly patriotic and want to pay more taxes to be wasted.

Any mayor or council with any courage could cut millions from government without affecting education, security, etc.