Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Amish-stad! Durham Swindles Old-School (Literally) Investors?

The Indianapolis Star speculates that a new group of Fair investors from Ohio who sued Tim Durham are Amish.

According to the Star, the Amish faith discourages resolving disputes through court proceedings, so an Amish collective may have formed a limited liability company solely to sue Durham, who now has famed defense attorney, Jim Voyles, on the payroll.

It's premature to say Durham and Fair targeted the Amish, but if you were going to run a scam on somebody, could you script a better victim class than people who: (a) don't sue; and (b) don't have internet access track the multitude of stories putting you around astronomically "lucky" stock successes, the lawsuits filed against you, and your connection with some companies with SEC entanglements?

If Durham did, indeed, swindle Amish folk, he should be forced to churn apple butter until the sales proceeds can pay off every cent.

Also, if this turns out to be true, it will be ironic that Secretary of State Todd Rokita was right about faith-based affinity fraud. He just got the wrong faith, and he failed to mention that the "preying" was being done by one of the Indiana GOP's biggest donors.


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