Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tim Durham Goes Celeb Gossip Trashy

You know you've "made it" into the lifestyles of the rich an infamous when
Gawker shreds you. Whoever said the only bad press is no press probably didn't see the context in which Gawker put Tim Durham.

In a story entitled, "The Fake Decade," Gawker notes:

What's almost more interesting than the multi-billion dollar fraud Bernie Madoff perpetrated are the many other alleged Ponzi-schemers coming out of the woodwork in Indiana (Tim Durham, pictured above with friend Ludacris) or Florida or wherever else. It seems that the idea of living a lifestyle based on nothing but plausibility — nice literature, offices full of Eames chairs and a convincing tone of voice — was a pervasive one. It's too easy to use this as a metaphor for the wider economy.


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