Friday, July 18, 2008

Melina Kennedy's Great News

Remember when I said Hayden Christensen was a disaster in the Star Wars prequels because he was miscast as Anakin Skywalker? This same guy in the right vehicle, a movie called Shattered Glass, was a complete genius.

(If you haven’t seen Shattered Glass, do it immediately. This is the story of Stephen Glass, a journalist who essentially made up his stories while working with the New Republic. Peter Saarsgard also gives the best performance of his career).

Anyway, being completely wrong in Role A doesn’t mean you can’t tear it up in Role B. And that’s the great news for Melina Kennedy.

If Kennedy wants to stay in politics, she can make big moves in both the legislative and executive branches (and probably the appellate judiciary as well). She’s intelligent, well-known, very respected in the party, capable of raising money, and “resume right.” She has the right mix of private legal and public service experience to do a great many things. They key is just to make sure that, on the next one, it’s the right fit. Unlike the last time.



Wilson46201 said...

She's now the official campaign Treasurer for our new progressive Democratic Congressman, André Carson. With his workload in Washington DC, she also acted as a surrogate for him locally in public campaign appearances.

She's been accumulating political "chits"...

iPOPA said...

Oh, I've noticed. She also did some speaking on Obama's behalf. I think she's going to be well-positioned for the mayoral race. If others are interested, they do themselves a disservice if they aren't ramping up right now.

Anonymous said...

All the build up for that?

Anonymous said...

She has made every right move, showing incredible political acumen (especially with respect to Carson, Obama and even campaigns much lower than that, ie...state rep., county offices, and with orgaized labor). She can raise a ton of $.

She will be MAYOR.

Jon E. Easter said...

Melina has a bright future. She is a strong candidate that could be a great choice to run for Mayor in '11. She, after all, was in charge of economic development for Mayor Peterson.

I think you'll see a whole bunch of strong female candidates running for the Democratic nomination. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Marion County Clerk enter the fray in '11. My dream candidate is Kathy Davis.