Thursday, July 17, 2008

John Price & Mitch Daniels Share Interesting Ideas on Mathematics

If John Price had any credibility in Republican circles, I’m pretty sure it’s gone. Price was quoted as saying State Senator John Waterman’s effort to obtain approximately the 32,000 certified signatures needed to get him on the ballot as a third-party gubernatorial candidate to only reached half of that goal.


The actual number of signatures was 2,250, or less then ten percent of the total needed.

If Mitch Daniels had employed this type of mathematical skill as George Bush’s director for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), he might have given a ridiculously low cost estimate for the war in Iraq, and that misinformation might have helped convince Congress to vote for the war. Thank God he's not like....what? He said how much?!?!?!?! And it's cost HOW MUCH!?!?!?!?!

Never mind.



True Conservative said...

So your excuse for your party voting for this war is it would be cheap?

iPOPA said...

True Conservative:

First, I love your succinct style. Thanks for posting!

On the substance, my party's excuse is that they were afraid that rah rah patriotism would cost them elections if they didn't vote for the war. An angry American populace was being stroked to "get them," and we were doing nothing in Afghanistan. The cheap cost kept them from asking hard questions, but would they STILL have been cowardly? Probably. Except for Obama, of course.

For my own purposes, I thought the war was imprudent because we (1) had no compelling reason to go;
(2) the benefits did not justify even the grossly understated costs;(3) Iraq was a distraction to pursuing terrorism in Afghanistan; and (4) we had no exit strategy, which is why we're still there now and will likely be there as an occupying force for the rest of our natural lives.

varangianguard said...

If you knew all that beforehand, then why are you wasting your talents around here?!?

Somebody in the U.S. Congress ought to snatch you right up. Doesn't even have to be somebody from Indiana...

True Conservative said...

Of course Obama opposed it when he had nothing on the line. He was a state sentator when he boldly made a speech in 2002 which is the basis of his entire presidential campaign. I would support you before him. I will also not vote for McCain. Your party is wrong if they worry about elections and of course have been proven wrong on their election concerns. Maybe we would all be better off if they didn't worry about being elected.