Saturday, July 5, 2008

Indiana Chamber Says, "TO THE LIONS...uh...LAWYERS!"

On the same day I proclaim the genius of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, I read that it is suing the Christian Chamber of Commerce for trademark infringement. The Indiana Chamber claims that some legislators are confused (like that’s news) and mistakenly believe the two organizations are affiliated.

Anybody who knows the Indiana Chamber’s positions on all things wage-related knows that NOBODY would mistake the Indiana Chamber for being Christian. Jesus liked to help the poor. The Indiana Chamber makes babies cry.

The interesting part of this story is where the Indiana Chamber talks about how it didn’t sue the Indiana State Hispanic Chamber or the Indy Rainbow Chamber because those names are clearly different. Whaaa?!? So if the name was Indy Christian Chamber, there would be no lawsuit?!? If one word is so significant, why doesn’t the fact that “Indiana” does not appear in the name “Christian Chamber of Commerce” suffice?

Wait….is this an “attack on people of faith” I hear so much about?!?! It does make you wonder. Could the Christian Chamber of Commerce be receiving this treatment because, unlike the Indiana Chamber which seeks to maximize profits now, the Christian Chamber would rather “store riches in heaven” where they can’t rust?

My mind is percolating, and holy cow, ladies and gents, I just realized that the Christian Chamber is as astute politically as its secular humanist counterparts!

By ignoring the Indiana Chamber’s request to change its name to something similar but different, the Christian Chamber forced a lawsuit AND….press coverage. By virtue of this story, I now know a Christian Chamber of Commerce exists, and if I owned a business, I’d probably pick the Christian Chamber first. After all, what Christian wouldn’t support David versus Goliath?



True Conservative said...

About Us The Indiana Christian Chamber of Commerce is designed to equip individuals and organizations with practical tools and biblical insight for business success and marketplace impact.

The above is from their web site. So much for the word "Indiana" not appearing in their name. I went through the site and found nothing about helping the poor. What I saw was a bunch of business people promoting their business to make them more money. Whenever someone promotes they are "christian" watch out. If they led their lives in a truly Christian way, they wouldn't have to advertise themselves as such. I don't see any indication they want to store their riches in heaven, they appear all about taking it with them.

iPOPA said...

True conservative,

I want to first thank you for posting. Second, I agree with you. I'm always somewhat suspicious when people claim they run a "Christian" business because the people who do it sometimes don't fit the Christian mold. But, as for the "riches in heaven" part, that was completely tongue-in-cheek. However, I do hope the Christian Chamber will post here, as I'd like to give them a chance to weigh in.

Anonymous said...

I am suspicious of people who have to throw the word Christian around. Our actions on a daily basis should determine whether we practice what we preach not some label that we wave around. I wonder if a Christian business does not what business from customers who are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Agnostic.............

bilerico said...

My understanding is that it's the "Chamber of Commerce" part that's the sticking point. The "Indiana Christian Chamber of Commerce" does sound remarkably close to "Indiana Chamber of Commerce" while "Indy Rainbow Chamber" and "Indiana State Hispanic Chamber" are clearly close, but different. Neither include "of Commerce" as a way to skirt the trademark infringement.