Sunday, July 27, 2008

Idiocy in Words: Obama and the Rock Concert

First, let's be honest. Barack Obama gets a LOT of press coverage. Conversatives and McCain fans cite this as proof of Obama favoritism among the "Jewish, homosexual, environmentally-friendly, socialist, liberal media."

I'm not saying reporters don't like Obama, nor am I saying that some media outlets are incapable of "emphasis bias." But I think the real bias in the media is toward (a) novelty; (b) underdog status; and (c) conflict.

If you do or represent something different as a Republican, you'll get covered. This is why Mitt Romney's presidential campaign was well-covered. Mike Huckabee also got a lot of coverage. And this is why Obama is also being well-covered. He IS novel and he keeps BEING novel.

Obama spoke in Germany before 200,000. McCain spoke before who? A group of 20 Rotarians at a diner in New Hampshire?

BUT, say Obamassasins like Advance Indiana, this German crowd was enticed to the scene by a popular German rock band. See?!? Nobody wanted to see Obama. They just wanted a rock concert, just like when Obama was in Oregon, and just like in Indianapolis when Stevie Wonder performed.

Gary Welch of Advance Indiana is on a mission to destroy Obama. I get his desperation with this story. But have Limbaugh and the conservative bloggers suffered brain melt contemplating an Obama presidency because they are also talking about how the crowd was "recruited."

Um....if nobody wanted to hear Obama, how come 200,000 stayed AFTER the concert for a very lengthy address? NOBODY left. If the 24,000 that came to Indianapolis only wanted to hear Stevie Wonder, why did they stay in the rain for thirty minutes for Obama to erach the stage and then for an hour as he spoke?

Friends, Obama can be criticized for driving to the middle with revised positions or statements on FISA or Iraq . That's fair game. But when you're talking about something as idiotic as You must know that nothing else you're trying is working, or you are really desperate for material.

I think the main thing that bothers many ultra-conservatives about Obama is that people who support him REALLY like him. And that makes some ultra-conservatives feel bad about themselves. See, they hate Obama. And some ultra-conservatives can't figure out why you don't, too. They've done all the same polarizing and demonizing as in the past, and they're frustrated because it isn't working! This is not to say that everybody likes Obama. The national polls, in fact, show an even fight. But the ultra-conservatives will not be happy until every last American sees Obama as they do.

Normally, ultra-conservatives talk about how "the American people know better" than the government and how smart the average American is. But average Americans are only given these praises when they play pawns in the ultra-conservatives' game. When you don't, you become a bunch of Obamaniacs, or a bunch of idolizing idiots being brainwashed by the Obamassiah.



Wilson46201 said...

To political dinosaurs like Gary Welsh a GOP "diverse ticket" consists of an old white man like McCain, a middle-aged white man like Daniels and young white man like Elrod.

In his partisan sound and fury, Welsh is becoming the laughingstock of the Indiana blogosphere - an object of ridicule and pity...

Doug said...

For Limbaugh, I suspect that Obama would be excellent for business.

Lalita said...

Bingo! Lest we forget (or become befuddled by attempts to confuse), the media is not a church or the United Way--it represents money-generating, for-profit entities which, when publicly owned, are responsible for generating money for shareholders--not telling the truth, or balance or anything else.

Anonymous said...

First, McCain was not in New Hampshire. He was in Ohio at a German fudge store talking to 16 people. Secondly, Advance Indiana now officially qualfies to be certified as part of the lunatic fringe and lastly, some of the delayed response in the crowd was due to there being thousands of people who did not speak English and needed to wait for translations. Make no mistake about it, the people there were there to see the next president of the United States.

stAllio! said...

The national polls, in fact, show an even fight.

this is simply not true.

every poll shows obama ahead, some by as much as 9-12 points. that's part of what's driving the garys of the world so crazy.

Anonymous said...

I used to read Advance Indiana regularly, but quickly became turned off because of the owner's anti-Obama zealotry. He has become completely unbalanced in his posts, some of which is kinda sad.

Fort Wayne Democrat said...

I'm with Anonymous 4:50. Hell, I live in Fort Wayne and if I want to find an Obama-hater far-right nutcase, I just have to poke my head outside. No need to waste either electrons or my fingertips reading Advance Indiana - and I used to check it daily.