Friday, July 18, 2008

Clash of the Titans Averted!

For those Republicans looking forward to a divisive "clash of the titans" between former Marion County Democratic Party chair Ed Treacy and UAW legend, Terry Thurman, your hopes have been dashed.

Though Thurman's feet have been touted to fill outgoing Democratic Party Chair Mike O'Connor's shoes (and though Thurman himself has expresseed interest in Democratic circles), Thurman has agreed for party unity (and for some as-of-yet undisclosed concessions) to step aside and support Treacy.

There is collective relief for many Democrats, who were skittish about a protracted in-party fight and who almost uniformly view Treacy as a superb tactician.

In fact, but for Treacy's involvement on behalf of his wife, Rebecca Pierson-Treacy (and the supposedly suspicious but not confirmably improper manner of her slating for Judge), you would be hard-pressed to find much criticism of Treacy.

Does Treacy have enemies? Sure, but you cannot tell people "no" as much as a county chair has to without alienating somebody. And both parties have their "colorful personalities" (a/k/a "the crazy people") who a chair has to continually foil in their electoral efforts without looking anti-democratic.

Whatever public faults Republicans voice about Treacy, their private gripes will surround him winning too many elections.



artfuggins said...

Ed Treacy is blunt and sometimes too blunt but he has run the Democratic party in Marion County and been successful. His candidates won. His slating conventions were fair. He was available to the party workers. he raised the money needed for the campaigns and the committee. He is everything that Mike O'Connor isnt. All O'Connor represented was being a political hack for Bart Peterson and then he was so worthless that he caused Peterson to lose. Treacy's only major shortcoming is his blind spot and ruthlessness when it comes to his wife's election.

iPOPA said...

Art Fuggins:

Well said, and I agree with every part of it. I LIKE blunt. The world needs more of it, quite frankly, and hopefully, he'll tell people what they NEED to hear, not what they want to hear.

Jon E. Easter said...

I told Ed the other day that he had my support. ET was a great party chair, and he will do a great job again.

Ed always has been appreciative of our efforts in Decatur Township to try to put the "D" in Decatur. So, I look forward to another tenure should he be approved at caucus.