Thursday, January 7, 2010

White: Turnaround of the Quadrennium!

It's the special election of March, 2007, her first test as Marion County Clerk, and seemingly everything that could have gone wrong for Democratic Marion County Clerk Beth White did. At least 150 inspectors didn't report for duty, 5 precincts never opened, many opened hours late, and some polling materials were sent to the wrong precincts.

It was such a disastrous start, I remember actually thinking to myself that there was no way Beth White wouldn't be a one-termer, even in a Democratic county. Perish the thought!

What a difference a trial by fire can make.

Rising like a phoenix, White handled record turnout in the 2008 primary and general election with almost nary a glitch (perfection is unattainable in that office, as even Republicans concede). She now finds herself kicking off her re-election campaign at noon on Tuesday, January 12 with the word on the street that the GOP has nobody who wants a piece of her.

Never let it be said there aren't second acts in politics. Beth flipped the script, and now she has everyone playing their parts with precision. I don't know how the Democratic Party could do better, frankly.

White will have a kick-off fundraiser on the 12th at the Professional Firefighters Union Building, 748 E. Massachusetts Avenue from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The suggested donation is $100. Questions or to RSVP? Call Catherine Parker at 253-7634 or e-mail



varangianguard said...

Beth White certainly stood up to the challenge of her first election flop and turned everything around.

Her achievements are something that all elected officials around here should aspire to.

Aleea said...

Agreed. I'm a friend of Beth (FOB) but even I was scared when the first round of elections went down in flames. She has proven her mettle and then some.

Mann Law, P.C. said...

You must not have dealt with her handling of court clerks. I have had it take weeks for them to open mail. They were putting mail in boxes and in violation of law were not dating it recieved until they open it as opposed to when they received it.

The second election she handled was also a nightmare. I know volunteers who were getting calls the night before changing assignments. As a result they no longer volunteer.

Anonymous said...

I said it back in 2006, and still believe it. If they would have picked White to run for Prosecutor rather than Kennedy, I think Beth would have won.

I worked with Beth when we were both in the Prosecutor's Office and found her to be a excellent and dedicated deputy. I wish she would have ran this time. I understand with a young child, it's not the right time, but I could still hope.