Friday, January 29, 2010

Brizzi's Got Feds On Him For Allegedly Shaving Years for the Highest Bidder

Fox-59 is reporting that the FBI is questioning whether Carl Brizzi exchanged a sentence modification for campaign cash.

You've got to read this on your own, but the short version is that Paula Epperly Willoughby got 110 years for killing her husband, and Brizzi's office signed off on a sentence reduction to only 18, which enraged former GOP Superior Court Judge Gary Miller, who imposed the sentence. Take it away Fox:

Paula Epperly Willoughby's father is Harrison Epperly, a millionaire real estate magnet with property in downtown Indianapolis. From 2006 through 2008, Epperly donated $29,000 to the Brizzi campaign. $20,000 was donated the weekend before Brizzi's budget busting re-election in 2006. Those were the years his daughter's attorney was negotiating with Brizzi's office for a sentence modification.

Get who else was involved in that? GOP Hamilton County Prosecutor candidate and Brizzi chief trial deputy, David Wyser.

Fox also notes:
On May 29, 2009, less than a month before Epperly Willoughby's motion for reducing her sentence would be filed with the court, Harrison Epperly donated $2500 to Wyser's campaign for Hamilton County prosecutor.

Hanging out with playboys and living the high life on your donors' dollars is troubling, but contaminating justice is deplorable.

There is no end in sight to the number of people whose careers Carl Brizzi will ultimately kill.



stAllio! said...

i had to follow your link to confirm that fox really called epperly a "real estate magnet". it's like he has a magnetic charge that attracts realty or something.

nice proofreading, guys.

karma09 said...

maybe he had written a paragraph about Brizzi and Wyser with the phrase "sleaze magnet," and inexplicably edited out, would have fit nicely.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the role of Democrat kingmaker Jim Voyles and his firm in this.

There's plenty of bi-partisan blame to go around here. Hopefully, we've only just begun to see which defense attorneys were using their influence with Carl.

Shit like this happens when the defense bar gets very involved in picking judges and prosecutors.

Mann Law, P.C. said...

I have not read anywhere who the judge was that approved the deal. Under the statute, the judge does not have to accept the deal.

Anonymous said...

TC, would it surprise you to learn that the Judge was none other than Grant "Post-it Note" Hawkins?

You know, the one that three respected trial judges felt was lying to them about his ethical issues and who recommended taking away his robe, only to have the Supremes merely suspend him.

Anonymous said...

StAllio, you are very fortunate. On another blog I posted about the "magnet" error and was accused of being on Bizzi's payroll.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the Hamilton County Sheriff has withdrawn his endorsement of David Wyser?

Anonymous said...

Every week it is something new with Brizzi, but nothing ever happens.Teflon Brizzi? I really do think that this goes deep,but that it really does not matter. The tracks have been covered and he will come out clean.Russ McQuaid is no dummy, he does his homework,much better than Brizzi does who did not vette his contributors. Nothing will be done, it's sad.

How can Tom John and david Brooks continue to run this party into the ground.Indianapolis may be the only city in America where the Rebublicans will get their butts kicked in the next election.Hell, even Bart McAtee could loose and the fact that he is a Republican may cost him the Sheriff position