Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Colts Follow-Up: National Mocking!

Okay, so now the Colts are being mocked by the hillarious and satirical on-line magainze, The Onion. This is too good not to repost in full, though please check out the website for some great laughs.

Colts To Rest Starters For First Game Of Playoffs

INDIANAPOLIS—At his weekly press conference Monday, Colts head coach Jim Caldwell announced that he will rest key starters during the divisional round of the AFC playoffs to keep his players fresh for a Super Bowl run.

"You can't win the Super Bowl if you don't get there with all your players healthy," said Caldwell, who added that next Saturday quarterback

Peyton Manning would probably get the first two series, which will mostly be comprised of running plays.

"Dwight [Freeney] and Dallas [Clark] will get about a quarter in the AFC Championship game. But honestly, even if we make it to the Super Bowl, I can't see playing these guys the whole game. The 2010 season is closer than you think."

Throughout the entire press conference Manning could be seen in full uniform, stalking and pacing in the back of the room.

Also today, Tiki Barber predicted that Baltimore would beat the Colts. I'm thinking that's pundit crazy talk, but he said two things: Baltimore's defense confuses Peyton Manning (recall his two interceptions in the 17-15 victory) AND "The Colts took their foot of the gas and lost their mojo." We'll see.

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