Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin Laughs at the "B" Word?

Oh, yeah. She'll make women proud!

Sarah Palin was on an Alaskan Bob and Tom-type radio show last year (actually named "Bob and Mark"), and one of the hosts called one of her political opponents, Lyda Green, who actually survived cancer, "a cancer" and a "bitch."

In the moment, Palin laughs at least twice. Maybe she was just giggling because she's nervous, and she has never heard anybody say the "b" word in public. But instead of collecting herself and suggesting to the radio hosts that their remarks were inappropriate, she subsequently tells them she'd be honored to have them sit with her during her State of the State address.

Palin's critics called the appearance "conduct unbecoming a Governor." I'll just leave it at evidence that she either has a pandering streak or a vicious streak. If it's the latter, the McSame ticket is truly complete. Palin will give us four more years of Cheney.



Anonymous said...

I'm not a Christian conservative and often disagree with their issues and tactics. But, really, aren't you frothing at the mouth over Palin and her daughter?

Chris Worden said...

Anon 9:15:

I'm painfully objective even when it's about me. I'll be the first, then, to concede that we have become a country too obsessed with trivial missteps in politics.

When John McCain accidentally said he would veto every beer, and when Barack Obama said he had been to 57states, I found the responses by partisans on both sides a bit ridiculous.

I also think the dissection of every public comment by a candidate to infer horrific qualities will scare away good people who might have otherwise run for public office.

But what gets me most frothy are hypocrites, darn them! The conservatorati, including Advance Indiana, drilled Obama for listening to Ludacris because Ludacris calls women "bitches," so here I am reflexively demanding a conservative outcry over hearing Governor Palin laughing at someone saying it.

Honestly, you have helped me remember that we should all lighten up. I thought John McCain riffing on "Bomb Iran" was funny. I thought the New York Times cover lampooning all of the ridiculous theories about Obama was funny. And wasn't it the beloved and departed George Carlin who got us to laugh at rape? In the right context, isn't everything potentially funny, even when it shouldn't be?

Maybe the reason we have such humorless campaigns now is because we've deprived our politicians of the opportunity to think anything is funny for fear of offending.

So on the "b" word, feel free to call this isolated instance of poor conduct by Palin an unfair jibe by me (though if it were repeated, it still might be fair game to wonder whether Gov. Palin has a mean streak).

But you can't say the same about the teen pregnancy issue.

Abstinence-only education is an ineffective farce, and its continuation literally ruins lives. Many of the teenage women who are denied critical information by this ostrich-in-the-sand policy don't have the ten-million net worth grandparent bailout. These women might never go to college because they can’t afford nannies. They may struggle for the rest of their lives, and they may even find themselves alone and overwhelmed. To me, that's a tragedy that can be remedied, to some degree, with a simple policy change.

Sarah Palin knows now that abstinence-only obviously doesn't work even in allegedly "family values" families, so if she wants to KEEP doing it now, man, does that call into question her judgment and her willingness to ignore her own truth just to keep her conservative cred.

Anonymous said...

This issue (abstinence-only and its application in the Palin Family) is further proof that John McCain is not ready to make important decisions when it comes to the safety and stability of this country, especially since his campaign has been quick to claim that they knew about the illegitimate Palin bun in the underage oven.

If this choice - who would be best qualified to take over if he cuts loose the mortal coil - shows the depth of McCain's decision-making ability, then I weep for our country if this guy wins this election and gets the opportunity to make otherwise mundane daily decisions that fall upon the President.

Then again, when the next Katrina actually does come, he can put up all those refugees in his many homes, give them as much beer as they can drink, and drill in their backyards for our future energy needs....

Mann Law, P.C. said...

your analysis is anything but objective. In my opinion it is nervous laughter such as "what did I get myself in to?" To say she invited them is reading way more in to it. And to say she is mean based upon this sound bite made me play it twice to try to really hear her say anything.

Chris Worden said...


You amuse me sometimes. You criticize my analysis as being "anything but objective," but here's me:

"In the moment, Palin laughs at least twice. Maybe she was just giggling because she's nervous, and she has never heard anybody say the "b" word in public.

Here's you:

"In my opinion it is nervous laughter such as "what did I get myself in to?"

You say potatoe (Quayle), I say potato, you say "nervous laughter," I say "nervous laughter."

>To say she invited them is reading way more in to it.

Uh, no. When the tape was available before it got yanked by Palin's friends who put pressure on the radio station, she clearly invited them. Now, she might have meant she would be honored to have them come see her personally, as in while in the Governor's Office, but the question followed an immediate reference to Lyda Green not attending the State of the State, which prompted the DJ to say he would take her seat.

Objective it 'tis. Sorry, T.C. Maybe your point is that you can't conclude she's mean spirited based on this. Fair enough. But since she didn't have the guts to call them out on the radio, I can say with certainty that she's a pander bear.

Anonymous said...

and the soon to be son in law of Palin uses the F word in almost every sentence he utters or writes..sounds like she has some missionary work to do.