Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Democrats Own Couch Potato Demographic!

The fine folks at Nielson report that 4.3 million fewer people watched Day 2 of the Republican National Convention than watched Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention. Also, there's a 600,000 viewer falloff for RNC - Day 2 - Version 2008 from the 2004 version.

Duh. That's what happens when you've heard it all before.

Also, Nielson reports that African-American viewing of the GOP convention (2.1 million) is less than half what is was for the Democratic convention (4.6 million). Quite frankly, given Obama's strong support in the African-American community, I'm astonished that 2.1 million African-Americans are watching. My guess is that half are trying to study the parties, candidates, and issues and make an informed decision. The other half are just playing the "Find a black delegate" game like me. One of my friends suggested we turn this pursuit into a drinking game, but after three hours, we still hadn't been able to open our beers.



Wilson46201 said...

The Party of Abraham Lincoln permitted only 38 African-American delegates total to their National Convention. No Black Republican Hoosiers attended.

Nutterball Jocelyn Tandy tried to explain it away with the excuse that it's expensive for delegates what with airplane tickets, hotels, etc. She didnt mention 22 Black Indiana Democrats scraped together the cash for their attendance in Denver.

GOP State Chair Murray Clark said he'd tried but just couldn't recruit any African-Americans to go. Uh-huh!

Lincoln weeps...

Anonymous said...

Al and I spotted either 4 or 5 last night.
Gotta know the enemy.

Wilson46201 said...

In 1922 at the dedication of the Washington DC Lincoln Memorial, no African-Americans spoke...

Anonymous said...

This could be a good sign..what self respecting African American would want to be part of that crowd.