Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain's Faith at the Forefront

There are many things I could say about the back-to-back McCain/Obama 60 Minutes interviews last night (and I will), but one thing that struck me is John McCain's first-time public comment that he believes his faith kept him alive in Vietnam.

I have no doubt this is true. Faith is powerful. But when asked why he hadn't spoke on it before now, McCain said he was a private person. McCain's "testimony" would have been powerful, but as a private person myself, I respect McCain's right not to disclose. What bothers me is that after decades of being a private person, now that he needs to curry favor with evangelicals, he has decided to talk about it?

McCain did something laudable by suggesting that Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat who served in the Clinton Administration, should head the SEC. But McCain gave it right back by changing stripes from the private man who goes to his room to pray to a man who would offer up his faith at the altar of political gain.


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Anonymous said...


Surely you're not surprised at this point that McCain will say ANYTHING to curry favor wherever he can. I've never seen such a sleazy, pandering, flip-flopping and truth-challenged campaign - ever, and that includes W's sleazy campaign in South Carolina in 2000 that sunk McCain's first campaign.

If John McCain thought Satanism would win him this election, he'd have selected Lucifer over Palin. It was a close call, and since Lucifer and Palin are so similar, he went with Palin in the hope that it would help him in the stupid-women-who-can't-read category.

As he gets more desperate, it'll only get worse. This will turn out to be one of the ugliest ends to a political career in history. Nixon-lovers must be foaming at the mouth....