Monday, April 27, 2009

I Would Fire Louis Caldera In a New York Minute

I normally do not make personal political attacks, but I cannot stop myself.

I must be channeling the rant of fictitious White House deputy communications director, Toby Zeigler: "I'm tired of being the field captain for the gang that couldn't shoot straight."

This is not a nuanced, analytical argument, and I offer no apologies.

I don't care if Louis Caldera graduated from Westpoint and Harvard Law and served as President Clinton's Secretary of the Army. I don't care if the Latino community would be pissed. Louis Caldera is too stupid to hold any position of significance if he cannot foresee the public relations catastrophe associated with flying a plane low in the sky in New York City followed by F-16s. Yet Caldera, who now serves as President Obama's director for the White House Military Office, authorized exactly that.

And for what?

An Obama administration official to The Wall Street Journal: "The mission was to send [the aircraft] up to get a picture of (Air Force One) flying around the Statue of Liberty. They said they needed to update their photo files."

Are you (expletive)ing kidding me?!?

First, why was this exercised classified? Were they afraid somebody from New York was going to walk into the photo intentionally and wave at the camera? Or were they afraid that if people knew, a real attack might occur? If they thought there was any such risk, why would you do it at all when an intern with a Photoshop demo copy could get you what you needed?

Putting aside the idiocy of obvious and massive risks versus the non-existent rewards, who in America thinks this is how we should spend a single penny of government money during a recession? When did having a photo of Air Force one in the same frame as the Statute of Liberty become a national priority? Do we have to have one with all of our significant national landmarks? What's next? Scaring the (expletive) out of the people at the Hoover Dam?

I hope the media stays on the White House until Caldera is gone. I'm apoplectic and embarrassed in equal measure that somebody who got so high up in my party could be so incredibly, calamitously imbecilic.

I started my blogging crusade with an idea of helping craft a Marion County party of which all Democrats could be proud after a series of scandals and PR goofs. When I voted for President Obama, I never contemplated actually thinking, "Compared to the Obama's administration's PR operation, we're geniuses here." If Obama wants to save his own neck, he better start doing a little "off with their heads" and getting rid of the politicos who are worthless. Caldera is a good place to start.



Anonymous said...

Oh rooightt. I get it.

Cause if we see Air Force One in a picture with the Statue Of Liberty it'll be, like, way inspirational during this period of the country not having a damn nickel to spare.

Maybe they could fly Air Force One throught the St. Louis Arch and down the Grand Canyon and past Mount Rushmore too.

Or over a toddler wearing an Uncle Sam costume, holding a sparkler, pulling a little red wagon full of Dalmation puppies while behind him wholesome kids play baseball and mom puts a pie on the windowsill of the sepia farmhouse.

At sunset, naturally.

Quick, get Michael Bay on the phone and tell him to bring his slo-mo rig and faux-anthemic soundtrack.

Now if you'll pardon me, I need to go look for a job.

Anonymous said...

Can I take my vote back???? This is an embarrassment beyond belief.

Jacob Perry said...

You would fire him because you care about competency. Alas, the Obama Administration surely doesn't, as evidenced by it's Cabinet.

iPOPA said...


I see a lot of talent in the administration. For example, Hillary Clinton was downgraded in the cabinet member draft because they have her playing out of position (foreign policy instead of domestic), plus, she could only manage a 5.8 forty. But she's shown good chops early on, and I expect her to emerge as a superstar on the diplomatic field.

Anonymous said...

He may have lots of credentials but that does not stop him from being arrogant and stupid and lacking in judgment.

Anonymous said...

Louis E. Caldera to Resign
Join the Facebook group
Lets unite to get him fired!!!

iPOPA said...


I deleted your comment. I think this decision was idiotic, as is clear from my posts, but your racial slur is so much worse. Caldera approved it, but probably a LOT of white guys at the Pentagon proposed it. Where is your virtriol for all of those "crackers"? I'm sorry about your girlfriend, but tragedy doesn't give you license for racism. Don't ever post on my blog again.

Cheryl's Office said...

Scare Force One Update: The White House aide who authorized the controversial Air Force One photo-op flight last week around the Statue of Liberty is out of a job. President Obama has accepted the resignation of Louis Caldera, the director of the White House Military Office, the Daily News learned Friday. White House aide Louis Caldera loses job over Manhattan flyover fiasco involving Air Force One