Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter Jumps the Fence!

In a lesson of "don't push too hard"....

Pennsylvania Senator, Arlen Specter, has given the Obama administration a filibuster-proof majority of sixty, by agreeing to switch to the Democratic Party, or so say numerous sources to CNN.

Is there political opportunism at play? It's undeniable. Without this move, Specter would be retiring soon. Rasmussen had Specter 21 points behind Pat Toomey, his Republican primary opponent. In addition, GOP faithful and and the blogging conservatorati were churning up the discontent by bashed Specter for supporting President Obama's stimulus package, among a multitude of other alleged economic sins.

But this move makes sense for practical reasons, as well. Specter has been a Democrat in Republican's clothing for a long while now. I'm frankly amazed it took this long for him to cross-over.

Prepare to get bashed, Senator! But don't worry. We'll make you feel like family.



Anonymous said...

The only problem is that Indiana has a Democratic Senator wearing republican clothes!!!

iPOPA said...

Richard Lugar will be shocked to hear that's what you think of him.