Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From the Land of Not a Surprise...

...I don't generally read Us, People, or any other periodical that makes news of people's personal lives, so I'm not sure how old this information is. But call me not-at-all-surprised that Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin are no longer engaged. That was a marriage forced, and as soon as the impetus for it - the need to preserve the Palin family "clean livin' " myth - disappeared, so did the nuptials. Levi apparently went on a talking heads show and said he was "pretty sure" Sarah Palin knew he and Bristol were having sex. The Palin camp, in response, attacked Levi for resorting to "outright lies."

See the disconnect? He says basically that he THINKS Sarah Palin knew Bristol was having pre-marital sex, and in response she attacks him for outright lies. Now I'm more likely to believe she knew. Otherwise, she would have just explained why his "belief" was wrong. BUT that would have invited a debate over questions like, "Did he ever stay overnight with your family? If so, did they ever stay up late at night in the same room with your daughter when you and Todd went to bed? Did they ever actually sleep in the same room with Bristol?"

Palin would have come off either as supremely naive or as covering up for what any regular parent would have known, meaning she doesn't REALLY subscribe to the no premarital sex mantra. She just TALKS about it. Either way, she would have lost more of whatever luster is left of the Palin mythology.


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