Friday, November 20, 2009

National News Mashup: Republicans Paranoid? Obama on the Skids?

Republican Paranoia Hits Majority Level

Well, at least we know why so many Republicans are so virulent in their criticism of President Obama. Not only do some think he's not a legitimate American citizen, they think he's not a legitimate victor.

A new poll shows that a staggering fifty-two percent of Republicans think ACORN stole the election for President Obama. An additional twenty-one percent of Republicans say they aren't sure.

ACORN is an organization with staff so stupid they gave tax advice to a pimp. I'm supposed to believe ACORN orchestrated the dummying up of 9.5 million ballots without anyone getting wise. Yes, I know about the bogus voter registrations ACORN submitted, but I haven't seen any proof of voting by people "Mr. Baskin Robbins," have you?

Obama Disapproval Number Hits Majority Level

For the first time in his presidency, Gallup has President Obama's overall job approval rating below 50%. The bad news for the Prez is that he's the fourth fastest President to dip below fifty. The good news is that every President goes below 50%, and every one comes back up during his term. Also, Obama's ability to hang near 50% with this economy while fighting a blisteringly negative healthcare battle and, admittedly, wading into an occasional silly political faux pas is (depending on your level of conspiratorial paranoia), either (1) a testament to his incredible political acumen or (2) the result of the sycophantic, subservient press corps secretly doing his bidding. You decide.