Tuesday, November 24, 2009

iPOPA Eats Plate of Crow!

Back in September, I opined that we would learn that the Kentucky census worker who was found hung with the word "Fed" on his chest was killed by some right-wing wackos whipped up by increasingly shrill anti-Obama and anti-government rhetoric. I even mocked the notion that the guy killed himself.

Well, guess what?

He killed himself!

Investigators say he took out two life insurance policies on himself shortly before his death, but neither paid for suicide. The government apparently also pays $10,000 additionally for somebody killed during the course of his or her employment. In addition, investigators apparently found no DNA from anybody except the gentleman, which is pretty improbable.

When I'm wrong, I say it.

While I still believe that people of all political stripes who ride the off-kilter train can be "set free" by extremely hostile and violent rhetoric, that certainly wasn't the case here. So, to right-wing wackos everywhere, I'm sorry, guys. I know this wasn't your fault. I made a mistake.

And, boy, am I thankful that so many conservatives and Republicans have been eager to point this out.

(Anybody have some hot sauce? I need to wash down this crow).


1 comment:

Akla said...

Perhaps it is a right wing nut case plot? Are the people who determined it was suicide right wing nuts? Think of J. Bunning, someone down there elected him.

A lesson learned? Do not jump to conclusions until the investigation is complete--as in Ft. Hood? Probably not.