Saturday, September 26, 2009

Horrific Census Work Death: Would Murder Surprise Anyone?

As you probably know by now, a U.S. Census worker was found in Big Creek, Kentucky naked and gagged, hanging from a tree with his census badge taped to his body and the word "fed" written across his chest.

The part I like is how the local authorities say they haven't ruled out suicide by Bill Sparkman, the substitute teacher and Boy Scout leader trying to earn extra cash doing door-to-door questioning in an area known for anti-government sentiment.

The Associated Press story features an intriguing suggestion that Mr. Sparkman might have inadvertently come across a marijuana harvest, but it's not clear to me how anybody would have thought the jig was up because somebody came to the door unless they were growing pot in the living room, in which case, one wonders why they would have answered.

If this case is solved, we will learn that a bunch of anti-government crazies who were whipped into a lather by right-wing radio decided they were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

We got your message, so you can stop now. You really, really hate America.



Anonymous said...

He was found bound and gagged and hanging from a tree and the Tennessee are not ruling out suicide...sounds like the wingnut conspiracy loonies are in control there.

Jacob Perry said...

Way to go Chris. You've devolved from an intelligent and reasonable scribe to a typical left-wing loony.

All links and references to this site from are being removed as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Chris, whatever are you going to do without the support of Circle City Pundit????

Jacob highlights exactly what you are pointing out. He's trying to deflect away from the negative attention this story gives his teabagger crowd. He wants to deny that this is a horrific murder done by an anti-government nutjob, just like the police are trying to do by hoping they can pin it on suicide.

The facts thus far are too overwhelming to call this anything other than a grisly murder, but instead of Jacob addressing the actions of his ilk, he tries to shift the blame on you for being tasteless.

How in the world can someone not be outraged by this murder? If he can't denounce it then he should at least say nothing, he shouldn't try to defend the position or distract from it.

Titov Sang the Blues said...

The ferocity of the pushback from the right wing about this murder is pretty telling. Even before the whole story is already known, right wing bloggers are furiously absolving their own political belief system from any and all culpability for this crime?

After letting Bachmann and Beck spin the Census into the next Auschwitz, you can sense the stark fear in conservatives that some numnut got so ginned up that they lynched a middle aged cancer survivor. Maybe, just maybe, if you clowns would distance yourselves from the extremist rhetoric of your fringe, you wouldn't be blamed for this kind of violence.

If Dr. Tiller's murder made the Right uncomfortable, just wait for the unholy shitstorm that will break out if this is political murder number two.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.

The right wing has spent years feeding this beast and now it is out of control.

Look in freaking mirror Jacob Perry. You and your ilk are part of ths problem.

Jacob Perry said...

Wow, it takes a great deal of courage to post comments attacking someone else...anonymously. It's ok, I'm used to the cowardice of most left-wing bomb-throwers.

I'll note for the record that Chris failed to mention that the area where the body was found is known to be a favorite place for drug smugglers and growers. It wouldn't be a stretch to think that perhaps this gentleman became a victim after seeing something he shouldn't.

But, nooo, that doesn't exactly fit the hypothesis Chris is trying to make, that all conservatives are too blame for the death of this gentleman...simply because conservatives distrust government.

Yep, lots of logic there. Oops, I'm talking to liberals. Logic to you is a dirty word.

But stay classy liberals, keep representing your cause in such a principled and classy manner.

Anonymous said...

Jacob, I thought you were finished with this site....why are you bothering to comment if is just a typical left wing loony site.....does your being here make you a troll? I think so.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of suspending logic... another way Perry is ignoring this site is to Twitter its web address, according to the sidebar on his site. This is what he must mean when he says "All links and references to this site from are being removed as we speak."

Anonymous said...

I love when bloggers complain about anonymous comments and call them cowardly. What they actually mean is: "When you commment anonymously you are a coward because then I can't attack you as a person, I have to actually address your remarks and can't pull in the ad hominem."

Pull up your skirt Jacob.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we don't know all of the facts about this Tennessee murder yet, but Jacob, IPOPA is on to something.

Let's not forget what happened at Oklahoma City just a couple of Presidential terms ago.

Right wing pundits called Federal officers "jack booted thugs" and stoked fears of socialism and gun control. (Oddly enough, this transpired while the Executive was fast-tracking free trade agreements, trimming welfare, launching cruise missiles and attempting to reduce the deficit, but I digress).

At the same time, right wing militias (so called "patriots" who appeared to be honestly scared of socialism and gun control) started training in the woods, which was kinda quaint until a few of them blew up a Federal building and killed scores of men, women and children in the heart of one of our cities. Oh, and it was somehow the Federal Government's fault.

Now, a little over a decade later, we find ourselves in the midst of another record-setting run on rifles and ammunition. Glen Beck is crying and screaming about socialism and Federal internment camps on our TV screens, and the Tea Party People are worried that the muslims are taking over and that Obama is a foreign-born
islamofascistcommunist (or, if you're a Jonah Goldberg reader, a "liberal fascist".) Don't take my word for it, just watch Fox news.

Heck, if we REALLY had a Manchurian Candidate President who was maniacally bent on the indoctrination of our first graders, the destruction of our health care system, the opening of our borders to unbridled immigration and the confiscation of our weaponry, I might be a little nervous too. The problem is, we DON'T have such a President.

So the fringes of the tea party people may be irrational and kooky, but they are also being championed, encouraged and stoked by yellow journalism (witness the fawning coverage of the tea party as broadcast by some cable news outlets).

Given the current climate, if a scared, self-annointed patriot lynches a census worker or blows up a health clinic, or worse, who would be surprised?