Friday, September 11, 2009

Where Do These Guys Get the Stones?

Today’s confirmation that chutzpah is bi-partisan…

Dispatches from the Culture Wars runs this quote from Mark Sanford in response to calls for his resignation:

"I feel absolutely committed to the cause, to what God wanted me to do with my life," he said in an interview. "I have got this blessing of being engaged in a fight for liberty, which is constantly being threatened."
Sorry, but God’s cause was probably also marital fidelity, and you dropped that “cause” like a hot rock. I understand that sometimes people stray, but San-Man, do yourself a favor and stop invoking God as the basis for your ridiculous quest to cling to power. This has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with you.

On the “Democrat Donkey or Clueless Jackass?” scale, Elliott Spitzer is tilting to the latter. Eighteen months after resigning his gubernatorial office, Spitzer is talking about running for state controller. Spitzer apparently has some polling that shows he’s more popular than current Governor David Patterson, which is astonishing because, while Patterson also admitted to being a philanderer, at least he has the charisma to get it for free.

Spitzer has been writing some inspiring pieces for to distract people from the fact he had been paying for some inspiring pieces…of tail. Spitzer gained his bona fides as the highest law enforcement officer in the state, but he was busted for association with an extremely well-compensated hooker. How in the world does he think the funk from that scandal washes off in two years? Either Spitzer is delusional, or the New York state of mind says we don’t care where you dip your candle or at what cost as long as you can wax eloquent on


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