Monday, July 13, 2009

Senator Bayh in the Spotlight on Cap and Trade

Politico has a huge story on Senator Evan Bayh's "cap and trade" bill conundrum.

Basically, we live in a coal-dependent state, and voting for this proposal would stick it to some major Hoosier employers and the United Mine Workers. But voting against this proposal would be another body blow for the Obama Administration, which has been lobbying hard.

The article does a pretty good job showing the political calculations Bayh might be making around the bill, and I do not want to summarize it, as I think everybody should read it. However, the remark that held the most interest to me was essentially a threat to Bayh.

Paul Bailey, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity’s top lobbyist, is also among those monitoring Bayh’s maneuvering. “If I were Sen. Bayh, I would want to be careful,” he said.

Man, I don't know many lobbyists who sound so publicly gangster. Are they going to put a horse's head in Bayh's bed if he votes for the bill?



Anonymous said...

Bayh continues to fail to support the Obama programs over and over again. Cap and Trade, probably not Health Care....who knows on EFCA

Anonymous said...

I have wrote to him several times since the Obama Administration took office, and I am not pleased with Mr. Bayh right now. Mr. Bayh appears to be a Republican in Democrate's clothing.