Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can You Handle the Truth? Councilor Jose Evans' CIB Town Hall

Kudos to City-County Councilor Jose Evans (D-District 1) for hosting a much-needed town hall meeting entitled, "Future of the Convention Center, Downtown, and Proposal from the Special Session of the Indiana General Assembly."

Presenters at the event, which begins at 6 p.m. on July 23, 2009, include members of the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association, Barney Levengood, the Executive Director of the Capital Improvement Board, and CIB board member Dorothy Henry.

The event will be held at the Pike Government Center, 5665 Lafayette Road (corner of 56th and Lafayette Road).

Councilor Evans states, "Opportunity to comment and Q&A to follow. Public input and feedback is vital."

You think we're getting hosed by the CIB? By the General Assembly? By the ICVA? Come engage in a dialogue and find out what you might not know (and what THEY might not know or want to say).

For more information, contact Councilor Jose Evans at 317-698-8890 or at


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Jon E. Easter said...

I attended a similar session put on by the Decatur Township Civic Council (interest of full disclosrue, I am VP of this organization), and I was impressed with the Levengood and Henry presentation. I know several folks in the audience took exception to some things that were said by Levengood given his compensation, but I do think he made the point that the Convention Center is operating very lean right now.

Evans should be congratulated for doing this, and I believe he is or was doing one on the Southside, too.