Monday, February 21, 2011

Indiana Senate Republicans Redefine "Shotgun" Offense

Take a look at my latest on Senate Bill 292, which the Indianapolis Colts ownership claims will endanger fans and players by prohibiting the Capital Improvement Board (CIB) from banning firearms at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Great idea, GOP! Nothing spells party like guns, firearms, and fans angry at a bad call!



Anonymous said...

Re: guns in schools.

SB 292 preempts local regulations restricting the carrying of firearms.
In Indiana, there is a statewide law prohibiting carrying firearms on school property. IC 35-47-9-2.

So, even if this bill passes and local handgun laws are preempted, handguns will still be prohibited on school grounds.

Chris Worden said...


I double checked that and you are absolutely right. The "on school grounds" prohibition already in state law remains, but there's no prohibition for "near school grounds."

Anonymous said...


Good point about "near school grounds," a law restricting handguns near school grounds would be preempted.

I oppose the bill as well, and think the laws that duly elected local government officials have passed should not be overturned in this manner. I was just clarifying why there was no specific mention of schools in 292.