Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Didn't Say What?!? Marvin Scott Justified in Fearing Muslim

In my election night post-mortem, I failed to mention that Congressman Andre Carson, hopefully, turned the lights out on Marvin Scott's political career (and led all Democrats in performance) with 59% of the vote.

Scott ran one of the most divisive campaigns in memory, which in this climate, is really saying something. Dr. Scott was, however, justified in fearing ONE Muslim - the one who electorally donkey-kicked his hindquarters. Let's hope the professor now realizes he needs to do more publishing and less rubbishing.

For my Democrat friends who are apoplectic on how I could forget the Congressman, or who see this as a slight, calm down. You need to understand that it's actually the highest form of praise. Andre Carson winning on election night is like the sun coming up. When you know something is going to happen without question, sometimes you just take it for granted.

But rest assured, I always know bold leadership is in the building and if AC had not been on the ticket, things could have been a lot worse.



Wilson46201 said...

You and the Indianapolis Star! I still havent found mention in that newspaper online if the congresscritter representing Indianapolis got re-elected or not...

(Gene Pulliam weeps)

Marycatherine Barton said...

Ah yes, you do have a way with words, Chris.