Friday, March 5, 2010

GOP Mastering Identity Politics But Not Truth in Advertising

I'll be the first to admit that I don't look at the Indiana Republican Party's website on a daily basis, so I need to ask my Republican readers. Is it commonplace for the Indiana GOP to put an Indiananpolis city-county councillor on the front page of its website?

Or could there be something unusual or unique about this guy serving in his first elected office that makes the GOP front him? Oh, here it is in the bio:

"Angel Rivera is the newest addition to the Indianapolis City-County Council, and the first Latino to serve in the role."

Oh, Really?

While this is a shrewd ploy by Republican Party Chair Murray Clark, you can't tell me he hadn't heard of former City-County Councillor Karen Horseman-Celestino, who served from 2000-2003. (And what about current Councillor Jose Evans, who is bi-racial with a Cuban father?)

But I suppose if you acknowledge that electing an Hispanic and/or Latino to the council is nothing new for Democrats, you don't look like trailblazers to the voters you're trying to court.



Blog Admin said...

I don't know the answer to your question, but wow, the IN GOD web site is much better (and updated!) than any of the parties for Marion County (that includes the Libertarians as well).

Wilson46201 said...

Either the State GOP was ignorant of the falsity of their claim (in which case demonstrates their ignorance and unconcern about diversity) or else they deliberately knew they were promulgating a falsehood in which case they are trying to bamboozle Latino and other voters.

I also know half the Republicans seeing that Angel Rivera info are wondering if he has an Immigration Green Card.

Anonymous said...

I think they were trying to say that he's the first republican latino to serve on the council. Nitpick much?

Chris Worden said...

Anon 10:42:

You want me to believe that the Republican Party forgot to mention that he was a first REPUBLICAN Latino?

M'kay, pumpkin. Time to go back to sleep so you can return to fairy land.