Monday, May 4, 2009

Traveling to Bilerico for Outrage

I'm on the Bilerico Project today as a guest poster. I'm talking about identity politics and Dick Kirby's new movie, Outrage, which is a must see. Be sure to check out my post. Like Bilerico's man Michael Buckley says on "What the Buck," "rate it even if you hate it!"



Dave Stone said...

I like that you bring in James Burke on gay marriage. But I disagree with your claim that:
gay is an issue totally unlike taxation of municipal bonds, say, in that everyone holds an opinion and legislators have an obligation to mirror their constituents as opposed to exercising their professional judgment.

The way the issue has worked itself out in practice in the US is that courts have determined that blanket bans on gay marriages and civil unions violate state constitutions, and state legislatures have been forced to patch up the holes that state supreme courts have blown in existing statutes.

This process involves some pretty fine parsing of constitutional law, equal protection, and so on. This is something that requires a certain amount of expertise.

If my car's not working, I can have any number of opinions about what will get it working again, but I don't have much choice but to follow the advice of my mechanic.

Dave Stone said...

Whoops. I meant EDMUND Burke. James Burke did a TV show I liked years ago.