Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tripp....and fall!

Sarah Palin has a grandson whose name is "Tripp."

What explanation can we give for this horrendous name?

Perhaps somebody (grandma, I'm thinking) must think it will be cute to say, "My grandson sure is a Tripp!" Or, is it (we can only pray) some significant family name that, sadly, got made into a first name in another example of family/parental narcissism trumping the fact this kid will get mocked daily in school?

But wait! It's actually worse because the full name (this is NOT a joke) is:

"Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston"

Great. He's also named after an aluminum bat.

Do you know how people (mostly white in racial composition) make fun of African-American mothers for giving their kids names like Lamonjelo and Oranjelo (phonetically, but spelled "Lemonjello" and "Orangejello" respectively, as detailed in Freakonomics), or for naming them after liquors, cars models, or Greek gods?

Well, this is the white trash equivalent. Bad baby naming skills are being handed down from generation to generation. The Palin clan has concocted a completely ridiculous name that will guarantee this kid a lifetime of torment, and they make it worse by THEN trying to make it sound aristocratic by giving him four names.

If government could ever serve a useful function, it would be regulating baby names. If your proposed name was approved by the "Naming committee," it would then be referred to the "name spelling" subcommittee. Here's a dramatization:

Naming committee chair: "It was a VERY close vote, but we will let you name your daughter Charisma."

Spelling committee chair: "Hold on....how were you going to spell it?"

Parent: "K...A...R...I...Z....

Spelling committee chair: "I'm sorry, no. I have to refer you back to the naming committee where you'll start over. And may God have mercy on your soul!"

Oh, by the way, no word on when this alleged Bristol wedding will actually happen. We just have a "sometimes in 2009." Don't hold your breath. Also, Bristol Palin's soon-to-be mother-in-law just got arrested for selling Oxycontin.

While I understand there is a tradition of having people in the White House with embarrassing relatives (see Billy Carter, Nancy Reagan, Roger Clinton/Hugh Rodham Clinton, and Neil Bush/all of Jeb Bush's kids)....I can't believe so many of you wanted THIS as the Second Family?!?

When will you all admit you were horribly, HORRIBLY mistaken about Palin? And, ironically, the conservatorati are blaming MCCAIN for this loss! Are you kidding me?!?! The man had to carry an albatross around his neck every minute post-convention!

American is obsessed with looks, and Palin has them. I get that. But at some point, don't we all have to agree that the moniker "hottie" can only be uttered about Palin after the words "intellectually vacuous"?



Anonymous said...

I don't think it's Tripp as in "I'm really Tripping on this Oxycontin I got from Grandma."

I think it's unknowing WASPy-establishment envy. Hang out in prep schools and you'll meet Deuces and Trips as nicknames for John Smith II and John Smith III. Of course, this kid isn't III of anything, but that's just a sign that the parents want something that sounds hip without understanding what it means.

Unknown said...

Bristol is obviously a Star Trek fan:


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back, IPOPA! You've been missed.

Anonymous said...

good to have you back ipopa

Jon E. Easter said...

Welcome back, sir. I read the name today in Time and just about laughed my head off. What else can you expect from a family that named a kid Trigg or Track.

Makes "Jon" without the "h" sound pretty damn boring. My dad...that rebel.

Mann Law, P.C. said...

Maila, Sasha? Let's talk about serious matters not children or grandchildren's names. You will soon have a show on MSNBC if you keep this up. If this is the best you can do, maybe you should stay on vacation.
Talk about important things as how Caroline Kennedy is avoiding interviews and thinks she deserves a senate seat since she is a little rich girl who has held fundraisers for charity.

Anonymous said...

It's utterly amazing how many conservatives are wasting so much time whining about Caroline Kennedy. What's even more mystifying is why an INDIANA political blog would waste time on a NEW YORK Senatorial appointment.

Mann Law, P.C. said...

Maybe you hadn't noticed but this INDIANA blog does not limit itself to Indiana politics. Also, you self described liberals must think it make more since to talk about the name of a child born in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

True Conservative, the point is that the screaming and whining about the New York appointment is needlessly disproportionate and kind of a waste of energy. These appointments happen every election cycle. Some of them are decent, some aren't, some are kind of irrelevant (hello, Dan Coats). You people aren't venting your spleens about the appointments in Delaware and Colorado, are you? Do you even know their names.

As for Trigg Palin, I could give two figs about that. I'm more curious about Sarah's rather overcompensating bloviating that Bristol and Levi weren't "high school dropouts", when they actually were. I take it you've read about how Levi managed to get a job on a drilling site when he didn't have the required high school degree needed to become an apprentice? That's a lot more interesting than their kid's name.

By the way, I've got $10 that the shotgun marriage ain't gonna happen.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Yeah, IOPOPA, is back!!! Missed you.

Chris Worden said...

Thanks to all for the compliments. I'm going to try to be a bit more consistent. I haven't limited blog time, but I don't mind telling you that if you're looking for someone to defend Ms. Kennedy, it won't be here. She is Democrat Palin, in my opinion, and I'm done with imbeciles. If you can't give a compelling reason for your own candidacy, then it's clear you're just doing it because you feel entitled or you think it's a "cool gig." Either way, you don't deserve the job.