Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here's What Biden Knows...

...foreign policy, and he's running on the high end of the meter consistently now. Palin, while certainly not embarrassing herself, is hugging the mid-line with periodic upticks.

Every time Biden mentions Dick Lugar, the dial machinery falls asleep.

(Just kidding. It actually spiked up slightly when Biden said Obama reached across the aisle to work with Lugar).

Notably, Americans in Ohio want to help people in Darfur. When Biden talked about enforcing a no-fly zone, the meter maxed out.


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Mann Law, P.C. said...

I was given the key to the city by Lugar when he was mayor can I now claim the credit for what he did? Wasn't there genecide in Iraq or did I dream the reports of mass graves? He had a freudian slip when he said when you decide to go in is whether you can win. As you said months ago your party supported the Iraq war because they thought it was going to be quick and heap. So lets save Sudan of course unless it goes badly then let's pull out.