Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cackles About Ackles....Kim Brown is next.

KUDOS to whoever in the Marion County Democratic Party served as the fulcrum that wedged Dr. Ackles off the ballot. This takes the fire out of my "search for truth" about his selection, so I'm moving on to my next pet peeve. I will offer that many "informed sources" say we wanted diversity and lacked any other "diverse" candidate, most likely because it's the rare to find one with medical experience content with an anemic coroner's salary. But the notion of diversity leads me to....our need for diversity from the same friggin' family.

With the withdraw of Republican Judges Miller and Johnson, there is now one judge running against the slate in Marion County. Democrat Kim Brown....come on down! You're the next contestant on "Running on My Family's Coattails!"

Ms. Brown is taking a cue from her big sister, Marion Superior Court Judge Linda Brown, who also got into office running against the slate. In the interest of full disclosure, I served on the Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association with Judge Linda Brown, and I had always been a HUGE fan of hers. When she ran against the slate, I was angry, but I let it pass quickly because of my affinity for her. Herein lies the problem with the Marion County Democratic Party (and maybe the Republicans as well, though I haven't seen it to the same degree). We have a hard time telling family and friends of those who hold our offices or who have influence in our party the following: "Sorry, but you're (insert family or business relationship here) isn't what's best for our party, and they damn sure shouldn't be running against slated candidates!" (Stay tuned for an entry on "slating" injustice!)


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legaldiva said...

One must truly wonder why she never even attempted to get slated this time around. I too am a fan of her sister, but Kim needs to reconsider her position on this one. Its simply a horrible move on her part.