Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Councillor Speedy Lives Up To His Name; iPOPA Asks, "Where's the Fire?"

Maybe City-County Councillor Mike Speedy should change his name to Mike Premature.

Today he filed a proposal to transfer the City's water and wastewater facilities to Citizens Energy Group. Here's the problem, and let me say this as clearly as I can: the principals have not completed the due diligence on this deal yet. What kind of city-county councillor would authorize this transfer without first knowing fully the final terms for settlement and having a full accounting of the risks?

I also have to wonder why Mayor Ballard is pressing ahead so urgently. Hmmm. Has anybody heard of any impending deadlines for paying anything that might make it important to get this deal to closing quickly so he can get the cash ASAP? Hmmm.

It struck me as odd that the guy who introduced this resolution is the one who's bailing out of the city-county council to take over Mike Murphy's Indiana House District 90, but if you look at Speedy's website, you know this deal is rife with Speedy's "political currency" - sewer bragging rights. Speedy notes, "My accomplishments include securing funding for over $13 million in construction projects for street re-surfacing and sewer projects."

Imagine the largesse Hizzoner will dole out to Speedy for carrying his water (no pun intended).


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